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Before This Gets Overplayed: Katy Perry - "Thinking of You"

I like this song, and the 50's feel of this video is really cool. And the dead boyfriend's the guy from KyleXY right?


InsanelySane said...

I hav this on my iPod for months now! I like it, though I'm pretty much still not over Hot N Cold. Hahaha. I crush Katy Perry to the fullest!

resident_nutty said...

love this song din daene, thanks for sending it to me :)

i'm into Mannequin hehehe

Daene said...

Hello! Yeah Hot N Cold's a very fun song too...nice to drive fast with! Hehe.

Mabz! I have this video of Katy Perry performing "Mannequin" with just a guitar, it's soooo nice! I'll post it soon :)