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We Are Living In Exponential Times

"Did You Know?", end-2008 version

Geeky post! A friend sent me this video a few weeks back. I thought it was very interesting, and slightly disturbing, especially the one about the supercomputer that will exceed the computational capabilities of the human brain and the USD1,000 computer that will exceed the computational capabilities of the entire human species. Makes you wonder if the technology the human race builds will one day be too smart to be bossed around by its maker. Talk about crossing the realm of science fiction. Do you think we need to evolve as quickly as technology's evolving?

Which fact/s in this video did you find most interesting?


Leoj said...

one of my favorite american series is terminator. sa series na yun, nangyari na yung sinasabi mo sa post mo. haha

Daene said...

It's really crossing into the realm of science fiction right? Very interesting...and kind of scary.