Tweeting Away

Rockville, CA Premieres March 17, 2009

Josh Schwartz is at it again - and after The OC and Gossip Girl, I'm still up for his teen television drama antics. After all, he's always had good taste in music (Rooney and The Virgins, anyone?), even if his TV shows start out really awesome and interesting, but wind up with all these twisted and messed up plots, as if they were cheesy soap operas - which they kind of are, if you think about it. Cheesy soap operas with younger, better looking actors, better cinematography, realistic sets, and awesome music.

This show's bound to be a treasure trove of awesome bands and artists, starting off with this list:

* Kaiser Chiefs
* Phantom Planet
* Travis
* The Duke Spirit
* Eagles of Death Metal
* Earlimart
* Frightened Rabbit
* The Kooks
* The Little Ones
* Lykke Li
* Nico Stai
* Passion Pit
* White Lies
* Anya Marina
* Bishop Allen
* The Broken West
* Cass McCombs
* Lights
* Oppenheimer
* The Republic Tigers

Beta site for the show here. The Douche. I'm already laughing. Hope this show doesn't turn out to be an epic fail, because other than How I Met Your Mother, there hasn't been much good television of late.

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janet said...

Hahaha, I love that you mentioned Epic Fail, while I don't think the show will go anywhere near that, Schwartz's stuff seems to be pretty formulaic and he knows that people like...

Also, the bands! The bands will definitely prevent some err.. fail-age? Failure? The site will have two live video performances from each band available for streaming, so even if the episode sucks, you'll still have that! Also, you can sign up for the email list on the site, they'll be doing giveaways and such.