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You've Got Mail And Being A Geek This Week

A random post on the commonplace (ir)responsibilities of a so-called "grown-up" and my plans to become a Geek This Week. Hey that rhymes!

I forgot to check my mailbox for like two months. When I finally got to doing it a few days back, I found a stack of mail, envelope upon envelope just waiting to be opened. Mostly they were bills waiting to be paid. I also got two notices from the post office telling me to pick up a parcel (not sure if both referred to the same parcel or to two different ones). I don't know about anyone from anywhere who has sent me anything recently. And I haven't the time to actually go to the post office (Where is the post office to begin with?). Free time's a bitch when you don't have any.

In other news, I'm super excited to get my car! It will take 22 days apparently. Working or non-working? I'm not sure. I promise to take care of it as if it were my baby. Regular car washes and no scratches if I can help it!

Need to play tennis tomorrow, I haven't worked out in ages!

I will not go out this weekend. Unless someone invites me. But I will not initiate it. I will not make plans. Must keep myself from text-blasting friends! I think I need a break, just to rest. I could use a good 12 hours of sleep. I've got Slumdog Millionaire and The Big Bang Theory to keep me company.

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