Tweeting Away

The Movie Of Our Lives. My 2009 In Photos.

In a film, anything’s possible. It’s just a film after all. Everything’s made up. So I hope you’re making up something saucy for your own scenes. Be a “I’m glad I did” instead of an “I wish I had.” Cause from what I’ve seen of it so far, the reviews are worth every bit of the rave.

May love be your wave,
Jason Mraz

I'm doing my year-end post a little differently this year. To everyone who made my 2009 a LEGEN-wait for it-DARY year, cheers to you! And here's to an EPIC 2010!

The Aldous Special!

(Occupational Hazard. Haha.)


jgaurino said...

nice daene!

shara said...

i wish you an AMAZING 2010 - one that's so great that it would kick your fabulous 2009's ass. :)

sam said...

ill say this again, we should travel together!!! :p

via abano said...

this is great, daene! :)go, go, go! keep on doing, ms. enthusiast!

Daene said...

J-Anne: Thanks so much C&C BFF! Haha! Happy New Year! See you Monday!

Shara: And you! 2010 is totally going to kick 2009's ass!

Sam: Let's! Woot!

Via: Thanks Via! Did you see Amelie's picture with Jaime? So cute!

Okay too many exclamation points in this comment! Haha.

AC said...

Great photos! :)

I bet you had a fruitful and awesome 2009! :)

resident_nutty said...

love everything dude! here's to another adventurous 2010!