Tweeting Away

On Children.

Most days, I'm really really fond of them. I like being the "cool ate / tita" they think is all fun and games (to discipline them is for parents, and Lord knows I can't even discipline myself most of the time, so that will have to wait).

And how can you not be fond of them? Meet Jaime and Amelie, two of my favorite kids in the world ever:

They are just so absolutely cute and adorable, I love them!

There are days, however, when I just can't stand them. Or maybe it's not days, but specific children. Case in point, Christmas day 2009. I won't go into details because I have a general rule of not dissing people on the internet (that's only for close friends to hear over beer or some other alcoholic drink), but seriously, I wanted to die. I learned the hard way that ill-behaved kids do not know the meaning of "personal space". I think I blame their parents.

And then there's this video. I was reading through Jason Mraz's blog and found it there. I think it had been going around Facebook prior, but I never bothered to click. I'm glad I did this time, however:

You cannot not find this little boy adorable (sorry for the double negative, but you get what I mean). Anyone with a uterus will agree.


In relation to this.

So the scores remain as such:

I hate kids: 1

I love kids: 89,943

Way to tip the scales, Choi "I Wanna Have Your Babies" Siwon.

And yeah, I wrote this in large part because I needed an excuse to fangirl about him. But seriously - how can anyone not fangirl about him?

Okay, I've run out of excuses. Until next time, then!


Ronald said...

I wanna squish that little boy to bits!

Also, I want a Korean to carry me around like a baby too.

Daene said...

I'm not the brightest at math, but today I'm thinking in equations:

Me + Siwon = Cute "I'm Yours on Ukelele" Baby

I've never wanted so badly to prove a math equation true, until this one came along. Haha.

AC said...

I loooove kids! I was almost a preschool teacher. However, I realized I can only manage 2-3 kids. I was overwhelmed by a whole class of preschoolers who treat me like a yaya. Hehehe

Daene said...

Hi AC! I love kids too, but you're right, a whole class of them is probably an entirely different story. The cute, well-behaved ones are just lovely though!