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Any Given Friday.

"This is a song about talking to the person that you haven't even met yet. And maybe they're rolling around the hay with someone else but...they're not as good as you'll be. You just gotta wait your turn. She's out there, he's out there, they're just learning what to contrast you against."

- John Mayer, intro to "Love Song For No One"

A friend gave me this version of "Love Song For No One" in college. I can't remember which friend it was - to be honest, I'm not even sure I really got it from a friend. I don't know where I got it. I have songs on my iPod that play randomly and I fall in love with them like I'm hearing them for the first time, and then I realize that I can't even remember how or where I got them. It's actually kind of nice.

But I digress, as I always do. Sorry about that.

Anyway, it's a Friday night, and this song is perfect for Friday nights, and John Mayer's intro on this version is just...poetry, man, so here you go.

(I could've met you in the sandbox, I could've passed you on the sidewalk...)

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AC said...

I love this song. Included in my playlist since my college days. I used to sing this a lot when I was still single. Hehehe

Daene said...

I've had it on mine since college too! John Mayer's first album was really epic, and a total classic.

Anonymous said...

I remember my college crush was singing this before while we were going down the stairs of CAS.. haha! =)with the lines "i'm tired of being alone so hurry up and get here...

hehe.. =)

Daene said...

Awww, that's a cute memory. :) Wait, CAS as in College of Arts and Sciences? Are you from UA&P? In which case, do we know each other, like in real life? Haha! :)