Tweeting Away

Me, spazzing.

Apparently all knowledge of proper punctuation goes out the window when one spazzes. Exhibit A:

Me to Mabz*: OMG my eyes are tearing up because I so wanna scream and giggle but I can't and I'm holding my breath and I'm just hating how cute these boys are and how gay but incredibly sexy this is and OMG they are actually being paired up and Nichkhun** actually gave Minho*** a flower and chose him like in The Bachelor**** WTF! And there are about a hundred tiny little things that I wanna spaz about in this video but my brain is having a hard time processing all of them and I need to catch my breath. OMG Kpop is totally gonna be the end of me. I will never be sane again!

*Mabz - deceivingly walks, talks, and acts like a sarcastic, man-hating Miranda (Hobbes) clone, but is really a hopeless romantic deep inside. I should've known from her fascination for romance novels. Half of the dreaded duo (Edz makes up the other half) who got me into this mess in the first place. I kind of love them for it.

**Nichkhun - American-born Thai member of South Korean boyband 2PM (international much?). You might've seen him from those Thai Tourism ads as he's their current spokesperson. The hair on the back of his head is always in a mess, like someone's fingers ran through them, and it's the cutest thing. His eyes droop on the side when he smiles and he has a surname I cannot pronounce.

***Minho - member of South Korean boyband SHINee. Is very good with kids, or at least, this particular one. Very very cute boy. Especially cute when his hair is in a messy samurai-esque ponytail, which I firmly believe only Asian guys can pull off. Unfortunately, I cannot find a picture of him in a ponytail, but you can check this out.

****I don't even like The Bachelor, in fact I kind of hate it with a passion, but it came up. So there you go.

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