Tweeting Away

You go, girl. *Z Snap*

Me: Hey, so if I date someone who probably won't be as hot as Kibum but will "reek of playah" as much, you'd tell me right?
Mabz: Of course I will
Me: Awww :)
Mabz: Well siguro if it gets serious saka ko na sasabihin
Me: Haha oo nga tama yan, let me have my fun :P

Like I said, I may be an awesome wingman, but you, Mabz, are a true friend. Haha! :P

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resident_nutty said...

*Z Snap back at ya*

basta cute ok lang, lalo na if he has cute friends (spread the love!)... and then if it becomes serious, saka na lang ang "fraternal correction" LOL