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Bring Out The Summer Playlists: Clazziquai Project

Summer is here! I can totally feel it. I'm itching to take a couple of days off from work, go back on the road again, and travel. And one just absolutely cannot travel without some good music, so I've got a few recommendations, starting with a band that's going to be on heavy rotation on my iPod this season - Clazziquai Project.

They're the first KPop band I liked, if I remember correctly. It all began in a tiny tin can of a hostel in Mongkok, Hong Kong last year. The TV was on some random Chinese channel and they were playing videos from all over Asia. The Japanese version of this song came on, and I thought it was a pretty cool track - cool enough that I actually Googled them and a got a hold of their song when we came back to Manila. Here's the original Korean version (because I couldn't find the Japanese one anywhere):

Clazziquai Project - Tell Yourself

This one is another favorite of mine, which has been on repeat on my iPod for days on end now. It reminds me of summer, and makes me want to wear a sundress and put flowers on my hair. Seriously. Listen to it! It's lovely. And the rap part is awesome. I have this thing about rap songs in foreign languages - I only think rapping is sexy when it's in a language I don't understand. In fact,I have a handful of French, Spanish, and Korean rap songs that I just love to listen to, and I don't know why. Maybe I'm just weird like that. Am I alone on this? Please tell me I'm not alone on this. Anyway, this one doesn't have an official video, and this is the most decent one I could find. The sound quality's pretty good though:

Clazziquai Project - Romeo and Juliet

I'll be posting about my summer soundtrack on my travel blog in a couple of days, so if you're on the hunt for some new music for the summer (a few of the summer classics will be creeping up on that list too, I'm sure of it), go check it out!

Also, I was looking through my archives, and it turns out that four years ago, I had already written a post about my summer soundtrack. Four freaking years ago! Can't believe I've been blogging for that long. Anyway, some of the songs on that list are still on my iPod now and will probably never go away - that's timeless music right there. (It also turns out that I indeed happen to like a rap song that's actually in English - err, just read the post if you're interested to know what song it is.)

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