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The 90’s Within My Earshot (A Musical Blast from the Past)

Before I proceed, I think you have the right to know that during the 90’s, like a lot of people from my generation I too had my little obsession with bubblegum pop. Yes, once upon a time I was actually a fan of Hanson, the Backstreet Boys, the Spice Girls, and Britney Spears (before she was Federlined). In any case, you will not read about such artists on the following entry. Think of it as selective amnesia. Bubblegum pop is the falling-on-your-face-in-front-of-your-crush moment of one’s taste in music: i.e. the kind of stuff you try to block out of your memory.

But I’d like to think that from time to time I am also able to make fun of myself, so I just might write another entry especially about the bubblegum pop genre of the late 90’s. For now, however, you’re stuck with this one: my (lame) attempt to try and make you think that I was a cool kid of the 90’s. The skeletons will come out of the closet soon enough. Until then, hope you enjoy reading this one.

BEFORE Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto, before Kaskade, even before Jason "I Wanna Have Your Babies" Mraz, there was a moment in history called the 90's when a discman was the "in" thing and these artists ruled my playlist...

Third Eye Blind
"Semi-Charmed Life” was the bomb…until it got played everywhere. Thankfully, Third Eye Blind had a couple more other good songs up its sleeve. I loved almost all the tracks on their debut CD. A particular favorite is track 11, “I Want You”:

The village churchyard is filled with bones weeping in the grave;
A silver lining of clouds shines on people Jesus couldn’t save
You wanna know how deeply my soul goes?
Deeper than bones…

K’s Choice
Probably one of my first ever impulse purchases, I bought the CD without knowing what it was going to sound like (I just liked the name of the band and thought the album photo looked cool). Before I heard “Not An Addict”, probably their most well-known song (at least in my circle of friends), I fell in love with their Cocoon Crash album. “Believe” was an excellent first track, I liked the harmonies in “If You’re Not Scared”, and “20,000 Seconds” is simple and downright depressing, but beautiful that way.

Fiona Apple
Already wrote about this on the recommends section. What else can I say but that Fiona Apple’s music was a muse for my early writings.

The Sundays
“Summertime” and “When I’m Thinking About You” are about the most uncomplicated and sweetest songs I could remember from the 90’s. Almost a decade after I first heard it, “Summertime” still receives frequent rotation on my player. Now that’s a classic.

Loved their entire album. “What I Didn’t Know” and “Flat Tire” were popular enough to be played every so often on NU107, but were unheard of enough not to be played on every friggin’ radio station – and that could only be a good thing.

Moonpools and Caterpillars
A true hidden treasure of 90’s music. I can’t believe I forgot to put one of their songs on my Summer Soundtrack. The infectious, feel-good and catchy tracks on their Lucky Dumpling record are summertime classics. Some favorites include “Ren” and “Hear”. Also, I think two of the members of the band are Filipinos, which makes them even cooler.

The New Radicals
I distinctly remember “You Only Get What You Give” being the anthem of our angst-driven generation for a while. But I liked them more for “Someday We’ll Know” (the bitterness on this one made me so sad) and “Crying Like a Church on Monday”. Depressing stuff.

Who could forget the bad boy brother tandem from Britain (and the rest of their band)? Throughout the 90’s they spawned a million cuss words per interview and a general “I don’t care what you think about me, I’m cooler than you” attitude, along with quite a number of memorable songs. “Wonderwall” especially takes me back to freshman year high school and its many cheesy moments crafted by puberty and the line that goes “I don’t believe in anybody who feels the way I do about you now”.

No Doubt
Gwen Stefani was the goddess I aspired to become when I was growing up in the 90's. Before the Spice Girls there was Gwen singing “Just a Girl” – a definite predecessor to girl power. Tragic Kingdom stands as one of my favorite albums of all time and “Sunday Morning” is one of my favorite songs ever (love the drums on this one in particular).

Alanis Morissette
I cannot believe I actually forgot her and Jagged Little Pill the first time I was thinking about this list. The occurence of such an oversight is why a simple activity called editing exists. Thank heavens. Anyway, this album is one of the rare few that's just so damn good, even if you hear it playing on supermarkets, you still love it. "Your House", the "secret track", was a favorite of mine from this one. I also like the cover of The Police's "King of Pain"which Alanis performed on her MTV Unplugged performance.

Did I mess up some facts and references (it’s 4 in the morning, I didn’t bother to research and worked mostly from memory)? Any other artists you want to mention? Share your thoughts by posting a comment. Would really appreciate it!=)


ade said...

now you've made me long for the 90's!!!

shara said...

although i will never (be able to) deny my love for Nick Carter and the rest of the backstreet boys, haha. I totally missed the 90's after your post.

No Doubt's first album's one of my all time favorites. I can even remember a couple more songs from my dear ol grade school days. Haha. There's "What's Going On?" - I forget who sang it, but it's the one that goes "and i say heeey..... heeey... I say hey, what 's going on." (kinanta pa eh, noh), and Alanis Morisette was huge with everything in her post-Star Search album, Jagged Little Pill. I don't know if you know Swirl 360 (candy in the sun and Hey now, now), Semisonic (closing Time) and Arknarna (Just a Little Time) but I loved them back then. Oohhhhh!!! And Chumbawumba with "Thubthumping". hahaha!

I remember the what's going on artist na - 4 non-blondes. haha! Thanks for the trip down memory lane... daym, I feel so old, that was like a decade ago.. when I was 12! Waaaah!

Daene said...

OMG i can't believe i totally forgot jagged little pill! hahaha. i'm editing my post and putting that CD up there along with the others because i guess it's just POINTLESS to make a post about the music of the 90's without mentioning alanis morissette. thanks shars! haha.

shara said...

dude... you really edited it - im so touched. Haha! I love the King of Pain! Haha - its no surprise that they re-released the Alanis' album. Too bad her records never matched up to the Pill, though, hehe. Oh well, she's marrying Ryan Reynolds so I don't think she's got anything to complain about. Enjoy the rest of your vacay! :D

resident_nutty said...

hehe daene, though im not a fan of bubblegum pop i could still sing the BSB, Spice Girls, Hanson (since 3 kaming magkakapatid, just imagine how we jam, yuck), and Britney songs of the top of my head (so basically di ako fan, pero nakikinig din ako!)

really loved You Only Get What You Give...damn i feel so old, there was a time when i saw an old The Corrs video pero under Classics na ata siya sa MTV and i was like what the heck?!?! Classic na un? anyway :D

Shara, i think "What's Up" ung title nung what's going on (25 years of my life and still, im trying to get to that great big hill of hope...tama ba un?!?!)

pari said...

Thanks for leaving me a note on my blog. Believe it or not, I was very secluded from all the mainstream songs back in the 90s. Had this obsession with classical and new age music because as (a high strung, any study method goes) student I would go for music that is suppose to encourage alpha (concentration) brainwave. Was such a weird kid.

But then who hasn't heard of the Spice Girls? :p Some of their songs are completely burnt into my memory bank via repetitive broadcast. 'I tell ya what I want, what I really want...'

Have a good weekend!

Daene said...

ade: me too! which is why i was compelled to write this post. =)

mabz: remember in 2nd year, we were waiting for physics class ata, you me maze and carlo, and we were singing all these spice girls songs? then louie and our other classmates came in. haha. fond memories indeed. =)

pari: yeah i've read articles on how classical music is supposed to help stimulate the brain. peanuts too apparently. hehe. i should try that soon, at least once before I graduate. =)

Princess Angel said...

i miss the 90's too!!! Although I think I listened more to pop rather than to alternative.. so yes, I enjoyed BSB, Boyzone, Moffatts, Hanson, Spice Girls, Solid Harmonie (remember this band?hehe), B*Witched, Steps, Billie (she was the first pop princess, not britney!! haha!), and of course... 5ive!!! ahahaha.

but then, i also share your passion for fiona apple and alanis =) hee hee =)

the 90's rock=)

Daene said...

Haha "honey to the B"...I remember! Didn't she date one of the guys from 5ive? Slam dunk the funk! nyahahah. how teenybopper can we get? hehe.

It was so fun listening to your Christina Aguilera and Spice Girls cassette tapes in Cebu. I felt like an awkward teenager again. Haha!

Oh, don't forget All Saints! I loved All Saints. Sometimes I still listen to them. =)