Tweeting Away

Besides the Fat-burning Factor

I received an email yesterday titled 15 Reasons Why Girls Should Watch the World Cup (I'll send it to anyone who wants to see! Hehe). That night, I also received text messages from a friend and from my mom, who were both gushing about Federer's quarterfinal opponent at Wimbledon.

It got me thinking about why I like sports...a
nd these images came to mind:

Meet Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal, and Mario Ancic of Croatia.

Unfortunately, Portugal lost to France at the World Cup and Ancic lost to Federer at Wimbledon.

Boohoo. Guess you can't have everything in life.

And by the way, the fact that they're both shirtless in these photos is purely coincidental.


MsDemmie said...

Ancic does it for me ...... fans self

Daene said...

I know right? he's adorable. =)

thanks for visiting!

gollygumdrops said...

Ronaldo does make for better eye candy than football. He's a pretty good actor - a career in Hollywood beckons!

Daene said...

I can sense your intense sarcasm, gollygumdrops, and I can't blame you, hehe. Alas, Ronaldo is young - hopefully he'll be a more likeable player when he matures. =)

that said, i find that he's still, undoubtedly, really hot. ;)

Reyna Elena said...

Yummmy!!! He He He
Teka, makapaglaro na rin nga nang potbul!

Reyna Elena

Patricia said...

Yeah, Ronaldo and Ancic are total eye candy. Plus they're also really talented! I'm also a fan of Croatian World Cup team captain Niko Kovac and Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal.