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Friends, not Flat

It was Mabelle's 22 @ 22 celebration last weekend, so my college friends and I dragged our butts to Greenbelt for dinner - courtesy of the birthday celebrant, of course. It's always a blast seeing friends, and when there's a birthday it's even more special.

Mabz and Edz crashed at my place afterwards. Before we left Greenbelt we bought some take-out at McDonald's, hailed a cab, got home, and had a midnight snack.

I was afraid of how they would react to my flat, with all its horrible problems. Surprisingly, the friends that they are, Mabz and Edz didn't seem to mind, and we quite enjoyed ourselves just sitting around, eating McNuggets with the TV on and talking about the all-important wedding of Nicole Kidman. Afterwards, we watched a few Sex and the City episodes until we all drifted off into sleep.

We woke up late the next day, and ordered take-out (again!), this time at Jollibee. Had breakfast with the TV on and more chit-chat. After a while Mabz had to leave, so Edell and I were left to ponder over lunch. Not wanting to get out of the house, we had some Chowking delivered even before we had properly digested our Jollibee morning meals, and watched more Sex and the City.

Over the weekend I probably gained ten pounds and a profound insight into my new life. Well, okay, not really profound, but it's an important one.

When I was younger, I saw my twenty-something self living the life of the characters in Friends and Sex and the City. They were all fabulous and funny and having a blast in their massive apartments, with their wonderful friends. They didn't seem to work as much, and they never took out the trash or needed the services of a plumber. Life was, undoubtedly, peachy. Mine, on the other hand, was far from it - except with the matter of wonderful friends.

And you know what? That's really all I need.

After Mabz and Edz had gone home and I found myself alone in the flat again, I was surprisingly happy and for the first time, truly satisfied with my life. So I was living in a place that's far from fabulous, and my address doesn't scream "yuppie" - at least I have a set of amazing friends who make life fun and wonderful, wherever we were.

Besides, the aparment where Monica and Rachel live? A set. A studio. Fake. My life? Like my flat, with its various flaws and imperfections, completely real.


Jared said...

I too had hoped that my life would mirror the squeaky-clean edited lives of my favorite TV characters. When you see someone clutching a fabulous pomeranian onscreen, don't ever forget that it also comes with fabulous poop and will on occasion deign to leave its fabulous puke on the floor. I still love my petit chien, and I'm happy to pick up his fabulous poo on our daily walks. He may smell funny at times, but no well-groomed TV dog can replace him.

Daene said...

My point exactly, but expressed rather succinctly. =)

Congrats on your new laptop Jared, I'm so jealous! And good luck with your upcoming eco competition. =)

Princess Angel said...

DRAMA QUEEN! hehe. but i agree. i'd want to try living like that too. ;) in a few months perhaps....

Just Expressing Myself said...

Love your template.
I know what you mean by the Sex in the City/Friends thing.
A lot of my single friends came to NYC thinking the same thing.
And I know at least one is plunging the toilet as we type.
Thanks for sharing
I found you on BlogExplosion.
Have a fabulous 4th,

Daene said...

Hey Angel!

Haha, yeah there's been a lot of drama in my life lately. but it is a lot of fun, living alone. A fast ticket to maturity, in my opinion. =)

Daene said...

Just Expressing Myself,


You made me laugh on the "plunging the toilet" thing.

I actually have a friend who just moved to New York as well and she's pretty much realizing the same thing. She's having a lot of fun though.

Thanks for visiting! =)

resident_nutty said...

awwwww, got a little teary-eyed der girl! hey, u're flat's not that bad huh (although i still have to give the lengthy version of my elevator ride, haha)...i get your point about not taking out the trash and everything...yeah, must not idealize the whole thing :D

nonetheless, just as you said it's the symbol of having one's own space which is great about the whole thing :D i'll swing by your place if im in the area, sarap mag-hang sobra!

jairam said...

hi Daene, i'm a sex in the city fan too. oh we can only live like Carey or Samantha...but we all know that that is television, so unrealistic.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog through Blog Explosion, and I love it! I especially love this entry--Sometimes, the small things are so much more important than the really big ones, right?

Daene said...

Wow, I made mabelle teary-eyed? Major achievement! hahaha. After ng bday ni carmz! you're free to crash again. :P

Daene said...

Jairam and Heather,

Thanks for dropping by!

Yeah, I do think that sometimes, it's the little things that count :P

Thanks again! :)