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Of Overly Long Song Titles, A Misplaced Exclamation Point, and Dorky Rockstars

And I say the next line the way Chandler in Friends would say it:

Could I BE any more of a fangirl?

First Twilight, now this. So last Thursday I went with Maze, Carlo and his siblings to the Panic! At The Disco concert (I know, they've taken out the "!", but I love that exclamation point so it's staying!). It was mighty entertaining and I just can't get over Panic! at the moment. I've spent all day looking up videos on YouTube and (get this!) reading Brendon and Ryan fan fiction. Haha. At the concert Mazie and I were gushing about how it was so hot when they shared a mic and how such a reaction was probably the equivalent of how boys would react to girl-on-girl action (which the feminist in me doesn't get and prescribe to at all - although given my feelings towards Ryan and Brendon's mic-sharing, I probably can't be too vocal about my objections to all the fuss about girls kissing each other). I guess A LOT of their fans share the same sentiment, and all the RyDon (you know, kind of like Brangelina - this is the first and last time I will use that term to refer to Ryan and Brendon, and I'm only using it this one time because it helps me get my point across) fanfiction are a testament to that. I actually read one that was pretty well-written and interesting - thanks Ronald for the tip!

Anyway, so Panic! At The Disco. "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" had been on my iPod for ages and I had always been kind of interested in them and their other songs and weird videos, but I just didn't want to give in to the whole hype around them, especially since they were supposedly one of them "emo" bands, and I just thought the whole "emo" thing was so not my cup of tea (it still isn't). But I got hold of their CDs in preparation for the concert and I was just blown away. I mean, Ryan Ross - the boy can write like nobody's business. His lyrics are amazing. And Brendon's voice - a shot of tequila to your ears, warm and smooth and lingers in your subconscious and makes you want to cry it's so beautiful (I might be reading too much fan fiction, haha. Sorry). So now I'm convinced that they're not this generation's version of a boyband - their music is genuine and it's creative, young, energetic, melancholic and poetic all at the same time. I have to admit though, that It doesn't hurt that Brendon and Ryan, besides being uber talented, are pretty cute as well. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, dorks are the new rockstars, especially cute ones that can write really well and belt out a tune with a hauntingly beautiful voice.

But seriously - listen to their music. All the fast-paced and energetic tracks are fun and catchy and I love them, but if I had to pick favorites, they'd have to be "Northern Downpour" and "Behind the Sea". The former is just beautifully written and beautifully sang, so poetic, and the latter just has a Beatles ring to it - when I first heard it, it reminded me of "Strawberry Fields Forever".

Anyway, I just had to write this down to get the whole Panic! fangirl thing out of my system, or at least tone it down a notch. It's goodbye for now, then. "Peach, and lime, daiquiri..."


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Nadez! I'm so happy someone stil checks this blog. Haha! I've missed writing so I thought I'd start again :)