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Blog Birthday has officially been one year since my first ever blog entry. Hurray! I've finally been able to commit to something long enough to celebrate its anniversary. Alas, I must really be growing up. And to commemorate this momentous occasion, I've decided to pull a Rob Fleming and list my Top 5 Blog Entries, Year 1 (In Chronological Order):

(1) Lazy Day the First - My very first blog entry, which I was mainly inspired to write after reading Jason Mraz's journal.

After lunch we’d drive a few minutes to my grandparents’ house, where they’d be listening to this radio station that plays all these old songs by Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra every Sunday – Tatay would hold out his hand to Nanay, and they’d both dance in the living room like they were 18 year-olds who had spent a lifetime of happiness and love with each other. I’d smile and be envious of them, and think that if I get to have at least half of what my grandparents have in one of my future relationships, I’d be happy...

I really like how I ended this one (it is, however, completely unrelated to the excerpt above):

...So I guess I’m off to the mall, to that massive concrete effigy that stands for all those things that have taken away everything from parks and churches and homes on Sundays. I shall go and get a burger and be a victim to manic consumerism – that, however, is a whole other story to tell.

(2) Prophecies and Coffee Shop Fantasies - this one's psychotic, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I told Aldous once that I had a feeling I would die at age 26. It just came out of my mouth then, I don’t know how or why, and even stranger is how I felt quite convinced about it. I wasn’t scared about it, and surprisingly seemed quite accepting of that “fate”, if it was indeed to be mine. Being born on September 1985, I did a little math (I do as little math as possible – I’ve never been fond of it) and realized that I’d be 26 in 2012 for eight months and eight days. A shiver ran down my spine at the realization – I might bite the dust at 26 after all, and as it turns out, I’m taking the rest of humanity with me as well.

(3) You Guys! - One of the most triumphant moments of my life, caught on paper. Seriously, I felt like I won Wimbledon that day. Senior year at UA&P knocked my socks off.

The moment Dr. K said "SDL" all our classmates were jumping up and down and screaming all over the place, I didn't know who I was hugging, I was crying like crazy, it was surreal - the feeling was amazing, especially because I know we deserved it, at the least because of the plain reason that we really worked our butts off for it. I've never considered myself diligent especially regarding school but when I got into senior year everything changed - finally, I was passionate about school...

...And it is perhaps what I'm most thankful for - meeting this wonderful set of diverse personalities and characters, each colorful in their own way. I must say that I really thrive in the creativity, joy, friendship, and passion of our block - I've learned so much and experienced so much and we're only just halfway through. This is the best feeling ever!

(4) Desire Can Cause Heart Attacks. - My ultimate Jason Mraz experience. I like how I'm able to vividly recall the events of that night when I read this. I've always found myself inadequate in transferring memories to ink and paper, but this one turned out pretty okay.

Minutes that felt like forever went by and soon, Paolo Santos waved his goodbye, and a booming voice called out Jason Mraz to the stage. Oh. My. Gawd. He was in what I imagine to be his usual casual getup – a black baseball cap worn backwards, covering his curly locks, a pink shirt with a bicycle drawing in front, jeans folded out at the bottom, and sneakers. He was tall but not as lanky or thin as I thought he would be – they say the camera adds ten pounds, but I swear he looked beefier in person. He was the epitome of The Boy Who’s So Dorky He’s Cute, You (or at least I) Can’t Help But Love Him For It. As he came to the stage a wave of collective sighs and “oh my gods” (including ours) swept through the audience. I imagined myself in one of those taped performances of the Beatles which I used to watch with my Dad when I was a kid. I didn’t faint nor hyperventilate too much, however. Rissee went crazy though, crazier than I had expected she would get, which got me thinking, “Hey! I thought I was the fan?!”. Hehehe. Tiff shared my liking for geeky boys, so she was flabbergasted as well. May I just say that I so loved that they were with me that night. It would’ve have been the same without them.

(5) Verbal Diarrhea, Episode 1 -
Sometimes, I just like to babble. But there are occasions, however few they may be, when I actually thrive in the randomness of my thoughts, like on this entry. I thoroughly enjoyed writing/babbling this one, and am always reminded of my dorkiness when I read it. In fact, sometimes I even think that I might have been possessed by Adam Brody when I wrote it. See? There I go again, babbling.

So I’m back home again after yet another week of Senior Year, the end of which approaches faster than ever. Seven more days down memory drain and I shudder at the thought. Holy Awkward. I really am nearing the end of my academic career. So this is really happening, then? It’s weird how the big stuff in life still manages to surprise – I mean you’ve known from the get-go that they were going to happen someday, i.e. that someday you were going to have to graduate, or move out of your parents’ house, or break up with your high school sweetheart, but when these moments are suddenly right there in front of you, just a few less-defining moments away from your reach, everything suddenly feels surreal, and you can’t quite believe you’re nearly there already. At least that’s how I’ve been feeling of late. Surreal.

What a year it's been, I guess. I look forward to more writing, and I don't care if no one's reading. Here's to many more years of blogging, and to Blogspot never crashing. I haven't been able to backup my writing just yet.

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Hi there! Quirky coincidence; but I started my blog around the same time as you. I can identify with your feeling of satisfaction / fulfillment! =P

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